DICE Tweaks Suppression In The Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment

There is a never ending debate among the Battlefield fans on whether the new feature known as Suppression should be apart of the game or not. Suppression is a new feature that was introduced in Battlefield 3 and has been a part of the game every since.

Basically, Suppression is the act of forcing an enemy to break off an attack by using high volumes of gunfire. When the enemy is concerned mainly with their own survival, their combat effectiveness and morale is greatly reduced.

Battlefield 4 gameplay

It has changed the way people play the game and players play a lot more passively then before. Now, DICE has heard the fans again and they have been tweaking and testing the feature. The Community Test Environment is the ideal place to test the changes made to the Suppression feature. DICE is at the experimental stage but the changes have not be finalized and they can be changed later on. Fans who aren’t a part of the experiment in the CTE can be happy with the developers because they are listening and making changes to the game accordingly.

Battlefield 4 gameplay 1

We can expect to see the better and improved version of the Suppression feature in the coming weeks in Battlefield 4 and in the upcoming Battlefield game called Battlefield Hardline.

Abdullah Raza


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