Dice Upgrades Battlefield 4 Servers To Reduce Lag and Other Issues

Dice have been hard at work, trying to resolve the issue their Battlefield 4 online servers have been having. Recently, many players have been complaining about lag on servers which are heavily populated. Now Dice is working on it and are trying to solve this problem.

Another word the players have using for this Lag issue is “rubber-banding” and this issue has started to occur as soon as the new Naval Strike DLC came out. After all the complains, Battlefield 4 Community Manager Dan Mitre commented on the issue and said that the team over at Dice was “unhappy with server performance” and are working on “upgrading the hardware as soon as possible, investing more to deliver a better experience.” Last night, the Battlefield 4 servers were down so that the upgrades, that Dice was planning, could be implemented.


Yesterday, a Dice Developer who goes by the username of DICE_TheBikingViking on reddit posted, “Server hardware upgrades are technically not part of a software changelog. The server hardware upgrades would explain why the rubber banding issues are reported as mostly gone,” Then he wrote another post saying “As I understand it, yes, the hardware improvements have been done today. Would love to hear some feedback on it,”.

It’s nice to see how quickly DICE responded to complains and resolved the issues. Hopefully the server upgrade has resolved the issues fans have been complaining about.

Abdullah Raza


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