Is Ubisoft Using Dunia Engine Instead Of Disrupt Engine For PC Version Of Watch_Dogs?

Watch_Dogs is an upcoming title and a new IP by Ubisoft. Set in an alternate reality version of Chicago Illinois, Watch_Dogs feature protagonist, Aiden Pearce, who can hack nearly everything electronic in-game and can use it to his advantage.

Ubisoft previously explained why they didn’t license an engine for Watch_Dogs but instead built a new one called “Disrupt”. Senior Producer of Watch_Dogs, Dominic Guay, stated that what the team wanted to achieve with Watch_Dogs required new technology to be built upon. This decision was caused by the density of the modern city as well as the open-nature of the game. Guay explains that to preserve staggering amount of details with the ability to cross 150 miles per hour in the world required them to create a new engine tailored for the game which led the team to increase the interactivity of the game engine in all aspects; AI, physics, graphics and animation just to name a few.

Guay then continued that none of the third-party engines present at the time had the solutions to match the criteria set for the game. He said that the engines were not fully adaptable to open-world games as they were created with ‘pre-determined’ levels in mind.


Recently, Guru3D forums member, kn00tcn, discovered within the new AMD Catalyst drivers the profile for Watch_Dogs’s demo. It was found that the demo will be running on Dunia Engine instead of Disrupt Engine along with the already known 64bit requirement for the game. Dunia Engine is designed by Kirmaan Aboobaker while he was working at Crytek. It is based on CryEngine but it was heavily modified by Ubisoft to use the engine with Far Cry 2. Far Cry 3 uses the latest Dunia Engine 2. So does this mean that the PC version of Watch_Dogs will be using Dunia Engine instead of Disrupt Engine?

<application Title=”Watch Dogs Demo” File=”DuniaDemoLaunch_PC_r64.exe”>
<use Area=”PXDynamic”>HighPerfGPUAffinity</use>

Just a few days ago it was announced that Watch_Dogs has been delayed till Spring 0f 2014 for all the versions. This delay plundered Ubisoft’s shares by 22 percent whereas the launch bundles with the PlayStation 4 will be compensated by Sony.

We speculate that the delay could be because of the engine shifting/change but its too early to tell as the game was going to be launched in November.

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