Didn’t Get A White Xbox One? You Can ‘Upgrade’ To White With iCarbons Skin Among Many Others [Update]

So you got your Xbox One Day One edition in black and couldn’t be happier but then you found out that Microsoft actually made White Xbox One for the launch team that worked on the development of the Xbox One and let’s face it, you were jealous a little or a lot. The original White Xbox One also saw and has been up for sale of ebay too with the proceedings from the sale to go directly to charity among others but they will cost you an arm and a leg.

But fret not, if you’re a car enthusiast who likes to decorate their car with decals with aftermarket stuff than you may have something to satiate your hunger for a White Xbox One or your favourite colour to don your Xbox One in it and it will not even cost you an arm or a leg to obtain it.


iCarbons is also bringing high quality skins for the Xbox One and they have teased us with a high quality looking carbon skin for the Xbox One and we have to admit it looks absolutely stunning. Recently iCarbons released the skins for PlayStation 4 which were met with a positive response. The PlayStation 4 skins allow you two options to choose from; Solid and Two-tone. Two tone basically allows you to choose from two different colours to skin your console in and the results can surprise you.

iCarbons tweeted that they are planning to launch the skins tomorrow to coincide with the upcoming Black Friday. Keep a close eye at iCarbons to get the skins as soon as they are available. In the mean time check out Xbox One in some different colours.

UPDATE: iCarbons has officially launched the Xbox One skins in Solid and Two Tone choices. Head over to iCarbons to grab your favourite now!

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