What’s the difference between Resident Evil 2 Difficulty Modes? Assisted, Standard and Hardcore explained

When starting up Resident Evil 2 for the first time players will be asked to choose a difficulty setting from the choices of Easy, Standard of Hardcore. The game does give you a general description of what each difficulty does but this article will go over in detail explaining each Resident Evil 2 difficulty setting.

Resident Evil 2 ‘Easy’ Assisted Difficulty

The Assisted difficulty setting is the default ‘Easy’ setting and is recommended for newcomers to the series and action games. While playing win Assisted difficulty you’ll get aim assist to make aiming easier, the enemies become weaker and take less ammo to go down, and you’ll also recover a set amount of health without using any recovery items.

I was trying out the difficulty earlier and was able to recover from one zombie bite without using an item, on other difficulties one bite would take you down to Caution health. Do note this does not mean you’ll get regenerating health in this setting, as when you take more damage and go down to Caution or Danger health, you won’t be able to recover without an item.

Resident Evil 2 ‘Normal’ Standard Difficulty

The Standard difficulty setting is the recommended setting for most players. Enemies will take slightly more bullets to go down in this setting plus you’ll only be able to recover your health using items.

Luckily unlike the next setting, both Assisted and Standard Difficulty feature auto-saving and manual saves without using Ink Ribbons.

Resident Evil 2 ‘Hard’ Hardcore Difficulty

Hardcore is the difficulty setting for as the name suggests hardcore fans and those who want a real tough challenge. While playing Hardcore you’ll notice just how tough the enemies are, while playing earlier I just ran from every zombie because it was a waste to use 10-12 bullets per zombies.

Plus there’s no auto-aim so its really tough to shoot anyway. Like mentioned earlier you’ll also need to use Ink Ribbons to save your game. Good luck if you’re planning on playing Resident Evil 2’s Hardcore difficulty.

In related news we have patch news for RE2 1.01 update. There’s also a bigger patch planned soon that adds a ton of new content.

What difficulty setting will you be playing Resident Evil 2 on? Let us know in the comments below.

Resident Evil 2 is available on Xbox One, PC and PS4.

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