Digimon is getting a new Anime, sequel to Adventure starring Taichi

All my friends know that I’m a huge Digimon nut so I’m literally in awe writing this news piece. Earlier today franchise owners Bandai Namco celebrated Digimon’s 15 year anniversary held in Odaiba. Guests at the event included Kouji Wada, AiM, and voice actresses Chika Sakamoto (Agumon) and Mayumi Yamaguchi (Gabumon).


Several announcements were made at the event, including the reveal of a Movie Song Collection CD that will include track from each of the Digimon movies. Blu-ray release for all movies as well as Digimon Adventures box set was announced. The box will start selling in March and will include a special Drama CD, currently only a Japanese release has been confirmed. In toy news, some brand new Digivices were announced that contain the original 8 Digimon partners, they are now available for pre-orders.

The biggest news from the event was of course the announcement of a brand new season. We were expecting one anyway, so why am I so excited you ask? Well, this new season will be a direct sequel to Digimon Adventures, that’s right the original cast that started it all is back. Check out the trailer for the brand new season below:

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”rVnqtcBcsPo”]

Its great to see Bandai Namco promoting the announcement for English speaking fans as well. They even went the extra mile to have an English Nicovideo site as well as making the announcement and anniversary site available in English.

Also check out: Announcement for the brand new Digimon game titled Digimon All-Star Rumble

Nostalgia is firing on all cylinders for me, what about you? Are you excited to see Digimon going back to the cast that started it all? Let us know in the comments below.

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