Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Location of All Digimon Medals No. 1-100

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth has a lot of collectibles for the players to collect and among them are around 500 Digimon medals. These medals can be found through various means including boss fights or through trading various items in the game.

You can find the medal location and requirement for all the first 100 Digimon medals in Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth below.

NumberMedal NameMedal Location
No. 001ArmageddemonGacha: Nakano BW 1F Escalator
No. 002IcemonChapter 15: Asakusa Digital Shift (on second map, south of the top right corner)
No. 003AquilamonDrop: Shibuya Digital Shift
No. 004AgunimonRequest: Blue-03 side request reward
No. 005AgumonDrop: Digital Space 11
No. 006BlackAgumonRequest: BlackAgumon’s Dropped Item
No. 007Agumon ExpertChapter 2: Nakano Broadway 2F in front of the restrooms.
No. 008AsuramonGacha: Nakano BW 1F Escalator
No. 009AstamonGacha: Nakano BW 1F Elevator
No. 010MegaKabuterimonGacha: Nakano BW 3FRequest: MegaKabuterimon’s Dropped Item
No. 011AnubismonGacha: Nakano BW 1F Elevator
No. 012ScorpiomonGacha: Shinjuku
No. 013ApocalymonGacha: Nakano BW 3F
No. 014ApollomonGacha: Shinjuku
No. 015Arcadiamon (Mega)Chapter 2: Shinjuku (top left corner of the first map)
No. 016ArukenimonGacha: Shibuya 1
No. 017Argomon (Mega)Gacha: Shibuya 1
No. 018AldamonGacha: Nakano BW 2F
No. 019AlphamonRequest: Great Challenge 7 request boss battle drop
No. 020UlforceVeedramonRequest: Red-24 request boss battle dropColiseum: Master Cup
No. 021UlforceVeedramon XGacha: Nakano BW 2F
No. 022ArbormonGacha: Nakano BW 1F Escalator
No. 023ArmadillomonDrop: Akihabara Digital Shift, Digital Space 06
No. 024AnkylomonDrop: Shinjuku Digital ShiftRequest: Ankylomon’s Dropped Item
No. 025Antylamon (Data)Gacha: Shibuya 2Request: Antylamon’s Dropped Item
No. 026AndromonDrop: Shinjuku D.Shift, D.Space 04Request: Andromon’s Dropped Item
No. 027EbemonDrop: Akihabara Digital ShiftRequest: Ebemon’s Dropped Item
No. 028NinjamonChapter 3: Kowloon Lv. 3 (the right area from the intersection)
No. 029King Drasil_7D6Gacha: Nakano BW 1F Escalator
No. 030IkkakumonChapter 3: Kowloon Lv. 3 (north area from the intersection)Request: Ikkakumon’s Dropped Item
No. 031VilemonGacha: Nakano BW 1F Escalator
No. 032MeteormonDrop: Ueno Digital Shift
No. 033IndramonChapter 9: Nakano Underground Tunnel (northwest of the 3rd road split)
No. 034InfermonGacha: Akihabara 2Request: Infermon’s Dropped Item
No. 035ImpmonDrop: Kowloon Lv. 4, Digital Space 10
No. 036Imperialdramon Dragon ModeColiseum: Legendary Cup
No. 037Imperialdramon Paladin ModeRequest: Great Challenge 8
No. 038Imperialdramon Fighter ModeGacha: Shibuya 2
No. 039VikemonGacha: Akihabara 2Request: Vikemon’s Dropped Item
No. 040VajramonGacha: Akihabara 1
No. 041ValkyrimonGacha: Akihabara 1
No. 042MyotismonGacha: Ueno
No. 043VikaralamonGacha: Nakano BW 2F
No. 044WizardmonDrop: Shibuya D.Shift, D.Space 09Request: Wizardmon’s Dropped Item
No. 045WitchmonGacha: Nakano BW 1F Elevator
No. 046VenusmonGacha: Ueno
No. 047VenomMyotismonRequest: VenomMyotismon’s Dropped ItemColiseum: Legendary Cup
No. 048WendigomonChapter 7: Kowloon Lv. 4 (last dungeon map, east side)
No. 049WarGreymonRequest: Blue-14 side request boss battle dropRequest: WarGreymon’s Dropped Item
No. 050WarGreymon X Anti-bodyGacha: Nakano BW 1F Elevator
No. 051LobomonGacha: Nakano BW 1F Elevator
No. 052WoodmonGacha: Nakano BW 3FRequest: Woodmon’s Dropped Item
No. 053UpamonOpening Chapter: EDEN Community Area
No. 054BurningGreymonGacha: Nakano BW 3F
No. 055VulcanusmonGacha: Nakano BW 3F
No. 056AirdramonGacha: Shinjuku
No. 057AeroVeedramonDrop: OdaibaRequest: AeroVeedramon’s Dropped Item
No. 058ExamonRequest: Great Challenge 5 request boss battle drop
No. 059ExTyrannomonGacha: Nakano BW 1F Escalator
No. 060ExVeemonGacha: Shibuya 1Request: ExVeemon’s Dropped Item
No. 061EtemonDrop: Akihabara Digital ShiftRequest: Etemon’s Dropped Item
No. 062EbidramonGacha: Shibuya 2
No. 063EbiBurgamonGacha: Nakano BW 1F Escalator
No. 064ElDradimonGacha: Shinjuku
No. 065ElecmonDrop: Digital Line, Digital Network XColiseum: Silver Cup
No. 066AngewomonGacha: Nakano BW 1F ElevatorRequest: Angewomon’s Dropped Item
No. 067AngemonGacha: Akihabara 2Request: Angemon’s Dropped Item
No. 068AncientKazemonGacha: Shibuya 1
No. 069AncientGarurumonGacha: Shibuya 2
No. 070AncientGreymonGacha: Akihabara 2
No. 071AncientSphinxmonGacha: Akihabara 1
No. 072AncientTroiamonGacha: Ueno
No. 073AncientBeetlemonGacha: Shibuya 1
No. 074AncientVolcanomonGacha: Shibuya 2
No. 075AncientMermaimonGacha: Akihabara 2
No. 076AncientMegatheriummonGacha: Akihabara 1
No. 077AncientWisetmonGacha: Ueno
No. 078OuryumonGacha: Nakano BW 1F Escalator
No. 079OgremonDrop: Shibuya D.Shift, D.Network VIRequest: Ogremon’s Dropped Item
No. 080OkuwamonGacha: Nakano BW 3F
No. 081OctomonGacha: Akihabara 1
No. 082OgudomonGacha: Nakano BW 1F Elevator
No. 083OtamamonDrop: Kowloon Lv. 2
No. 084OrnismonGacha: Nakano BW 3F
No. 085OphanimonRequest: Ophanimon’s Dropped ItemColiseum: Legendary Cup
No. 086OmekamonGacha: Ueno
No. 087OmnimonRequest: Great Challenge 7 request boss battle drop
No. 088Omnimon ZwartColiseum: Master Cup
No. 089Omnimon XGacha: Nakano BW 2F
No. 090GuardromonDrop: Valhalla Server, Shinjuku D.ShiftRequest: Guardromon’s Dropped Item
No. 091GarbagemonGacha: Shinjuku
No. 092SamudramonColiseum: Master Cup
No. 093JagerLoweemonGacha: Nakano BW 2F
No. 094EmperorGreymonGacha: Shinjuku
No. 095GaogamonDrop: Valhalla/Avalon Servers
No. 096ChaosGallantmonColiseum: Master Cup
No. 097ChaosdromonGacha: Shinjuku
No. 098ChaosmonGacha: Nakano BW 2F
No. 099GaomonDrop: Akihabara Digital Shift, Digital Space 07
No. 100GazimonDrop: Digital Space 06Coliseum: Silver Cup

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth is out now on the PS Vita and PS4. It was developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It was released in Japan in March 2015 and has finally received a Western release this year in February.

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