Digimon World Cyber Sleuth PS4 listing shows up on Amazon CA

A listing for Bandai Namco’s Digimon World Cyber Sleuth on PS4 just went up on Amazon Canada. The game was released on the Playstation Vita in Japan last year, could this mean that Bandai Namco are planning a PS4 version of the game for the West?

Although still a rumour, the game’s existence isn’t that far fetched. Bandai Namco has been working on Playstation 4 versions of most of the games they localized for Western audiences. Some of these games include Tales of Zesteria released for PS3 in Japan and Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment initially released for the PS Vita. Both these games among others the publisher is currently working on will be released on the Playstation 4 when they launch in the West.


Unfortunately there’s still no PS Vita listing for Digimon World Cyber Sleuth to go along with the PS4 listing on Amazon Canada.

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