Digimon World Next Order: Digivolution Requirements And Stats

Digimon World Next Order is a complex game when it comes to determining the Digivolution for a particular Digimon. Fortunately, some users have already made a handy chart and website that helps in locating a particular Digimon easily, and also details their stats requirement for them.

First of all, if you want to find out the stats requirement needed for a Digivolution, you can check out this useful chart that details them. This chart covers almost every Digimon and their various Digivolutions including Normal Digivolutions, Mistake Digivolutions, ExE Digivolutions and DNA Digivolutions.

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If you want a more easier way to locate and determine the Digivolution of a particular Digimon, you can go to this fan made website which has a search feature available for easier access to the requirements for each of the Digimon.

After searching for a particular Digimon, the website will present a table with each of the Digivolution along with their stats requirement, so it is definitely comes handy for the majority of the game.

Digimon World: Next Order is available now for the PS4. It was originally released as a PS Vita exclusive in Japan and was later released with an International version made exclusively for the PS4 in the West.

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