Digimon World: Next Order TGS 2015 trailer showcases gameplay

Just like Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, Digimon World: Next Order made an expected appearance at the on-going TGS 2015 convention. Publishers Bandai Namco released a new trailer for the game which mainly featured the gameplay showing off the game’s battle system, day/night cycles and more.

Check out the TGS 2015 Digimon World: Next Order trailer below:

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”Jhum4daQILE”]

Judging by the gameplay, the game looks really similar to the first Digimon World title on the PS1 where players actually had to raise their Digimon partners. The battle system looks really similar too but we’ll have to see more to confirm. The game looks really good though and I can’t wait for Bandai Namco to localise the game for the West.

digimon-world-next order-1-2

Digimon World: Next Order is currently Japan only for now set for a 2016 release on the PS Vita.

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