Director of God of War: Ascension Leaves Santa Monica Studios

Sony Santa Monica Studios, also known as Santa Monica Studios, famous for their gruesome hack’n’slash series, God of War, recently saw the departure of one of their employees. Todd Papy, who was also the director for the latest God of War title, God of War: Ascension, announced his departure from Santa Monica Studios on Twitter today. He cited that yesterday was his last day at Sony Santa Monica Studios.

For the reason as to why he left the studio was that he was moving far away, Germany to be exact, to experience a different culture and the things Europe had to offer.

When asked about if he has quit game development or was heading to another studio, he only stated that he hasn’t quit games.

Whether or not he continues to develop games, we wish Todd Papy the best of luck from our side and present our salute to him for his work as Designer on God of War I & II and the Design Director on God of War III and for his latest work as Game Director on God of War: Ascension.

With the arrival of PlayStation 4 in just a few days, fans have been anxious to hear anything about God of War on the new platform from the studios. Hopefully we can hear something about the series soon.

What do you think about Todd Papy’s departure? Let us know in the comments below.

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