DirectX 12 and Unreal Engine 4 will allow maximum utilization of Xbox One’s power

When Microsoft announced DirectX 12 at GDC 2014, their goal was to reduce overhead and allow games to use GPU and CPU more efficiently. Unreal Engine 4 reduces iteration times and allows for faster and rapid development. In an interview with GamingBolt, Ray Davis ,GM at Epic Games, responsible for Unreal Engine 4, talked about the potential advantages DirectX 12 API could bring across the board on Xbox One when used with Unreal Engine 4.

Regarding game development he said, “Unreal Engine 4 already does a great job of showcasing what the Xbox One is capable of and with the advent of DirectX 12 we’re excited to see developers squeezing even more out of the hardware. Several internal Microsoft teams are using UE4 for games development so it’s made it incredibly easy to closely partner with them and to ensure that Unreal Engine is a great development tool for the broader Microsoft ecosystem.”

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When asked about the benefit to developers he said to GamingBolt, “The most intriguing aspect of DirectX 12 to me is the notion that it’s a concerted effort to remove as much cruft from between the developer and the hardware itself, which means out of the box we’re immediately able to do more for free, essentially. Microsoft has done a great job with the updates, and it’s also worth mentioning they’ve been a great partner in soliciting feedback from the developers to help guide the future design. Hopefully we’ll see the official launch soon so players can start seeing the benefits firsthand!”

According to his statement less overhead, faster development and a close collaboration with Microsoft is likely to ensure performance gains for the Xbox One and eventually lead to a more polished and stable in-game experience for players. Hopefully this combination will allow for smooth experience for all future titles.

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