Disgaea Developer Nippon Ichi Software Is Reportedly In Trouble Over Upaid Salaries

Disgaea is a popular SRPG that has been developed by Nippon Ichi Software. New reports regarding the financials for the company now paint a grim picture of their future.

Nippon Ichi has been mainly known for their work on the Disgaea series but they have always tried to create new IPs that can attain the same level of success as Disgaea. Despite their efforts, they didn’t manage to get much success and after their recent plans to release a Disgaea Smartphone RPG have failed, they might be in trouble.

The new report from a Japanese website (via) now states that Nippon Ichi Software is unable to pay the salary of their employees. As a result, the Disgaea Smartphone RPG is delayed indefinitely which was supposed to be developed by Forward Works. It remains to be seen how this will effect Disgaea 6.

Nippon Ichi Software has just released a new game in Japan that flopped badly. Destiny Connect was a decent budgeted game that bombed in sales when it opened in Japan. It will be localized and published in the West by NIS America, which is the Western publishing branch of Nippon Ichi Software. They also localize and release third-party games by other developers like Falcom with Ys 8 and Trails of Cold Steel III.

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