Dishonored 2: Darkness of Tyvia rumored to be revealed at gamescom 2014

Dishonored 2: Darkness of Tyvia rumored to be revealed at gamescon 2014

The 2012 stealth action-adventure title developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks is rumored to be getting a sequel this year at gamescom. Dishonored 2: Darkness of Tyvia is expected to be a multi-platform title and according to the publishing company Bethesda, who stated that the stealth game will become a major franchise in the gaming industry suggests that the title might actually be coming to us in the near future.


Rumor suggests that Dishonored 2 is currently being developed by Arkane Lyon, with Harvey Smith spearheading the entire project. Another rumor has also disinterred that Corvo Attano, the previous game’s protagonist will not be appearing in the sequel, and that players will take control of Empress Emily Kaldwin, the character that was killed during the initial events of the game. This suggests that the time line of Dishonored 2 will be taking place before the events that transpired in the first title, although this speculation is yet to be confirmed.


Several emails were sent to Bethesda confirming the news, but the game publishing company has not responded to any of the proposed queries. Since the company has confirmed that the title will become a major league player in the gaming industry, a sequel will no doubt be in the works, discreetly at least. Harvey Smith’s role in all this is a game designer. He has previously worked on critically acclaimed titles such as Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Invisible War, so you can expect some fireworks from the gamescom event.

As for the remaining percentage of Arkane’s game developing staff; they have started to bring in more employees to work on the PS4, Xbox One and PC version. Arkane’s US studio is said to be working on Prey 2, after the studio had been experiencing some trouble with original developer Human Head. Bethesda has denied this rumor as well.

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