Disney worlds we would like to see in Kingdom Hearts III

After years of waiting, Kingdom Hearts is finally in development. Nomura is still in charge, which means the game will be as good, if not better, than the previous entries.

One question that has been floating in my mind for some time is whether or not we’ll see some new Disney worlds in Kingdom Hearts III. With the vast majority of them covered in previous games, there’s a very high change that we’ll be revisiting a few of them. However, a few Disney worlds have not yet been explored by Sora and his friends. I was glad that The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Tron Legacy were explored in Dream Drop Distance as I had always wanted them to be added to the Kingdom Hearts universe. They weren’t the only ones though.

Here are a few that we would like to see in Kingdom Hearts III.

  • Toy Story
    Can you imagine Sora, Donald and Goofy turned into toys in the world of Toy Story? I sure can. Toy Story is a franchise as beloved as Kingdom Hearts. A union between the two would be overwhelming, yet so mind blowing. Since Pixar and Disney are one and the same now, it should not be hard for this to happen. I can almost see Sora teaming up with Buzz Lightyear or Woody to battle Zurg or Lotso.


  • Treasure Planet
    I believe that Treasure Planet is an under-rated Disney movie. It’s story is pretty good and filled with adventures which, if paired with Kingdom Hearts, would be even better. Sora and his team could use the Gummi ship to traverse planets along with the characters of Treasure Planet. It’s almost like these two franchises were made for each other.


  • Wreck it Ralph
    Now this would be fun. A video game within a video game. This doesn’t seem likely, but wouldn’t it be funny to see Sora’s reaction to being within a video game? It would be even better if the video game cameos present in the movie are present in the game. Imagine seeing Ryu, Ken, Sonic and other iconic characters in the same game as Sora.


  • The Sword in the Stone
    Merlin has popped up in the Kingdom Hearts series occasionally, but what about Arthur? The Sword in the Stone is a personal favourite of mine and would be a great addition to Kingdom Hearts. Arthur could become a party member and Madam Mim could be used as a boss. With it’s medieval fantasy setting, this world could fit in quite nicely in the Kingdom Hearts universe.


  • Star Wars
    Now that Disney has acquired rights to the Star Wars franchise, it will be easy for Square Enix to gain rights for it too. Star Wars with Kingdom Hearts would seem queer at first, but I’m sure gamers would enjoy it. I’ve got the whole thing worked out too. Sora enters the Dagobah system and meets Master Yoda who is training Luke. Sora receives training too, along with a lightsaber-themed Keyblade. He then travels to Luke to defeat Darth Vader who has been using Heartless for the cause of the Empire. He later joins the party to defeat the Emperor. Once he is defeated, Sora discovers a keyhole behind the Emperor’s throne and locks the world from the heartless, as he always has. The Star Wars universe would be very exciting and mind-boggling in Kingdom Hearts and I really hope it somehow finds its way there.

Which Disney worlds would you like to see in Kingdom Hearts III? Let us know in the comments below.

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