Divinity Original Sin 2 Gets New Update For PC, Xbox One, And PS4 [Patch Notes v3.0.30.9667]

Larian Studios has released a major update today for Divinity Original Sin 2 on PC that patches the game to update version It has also been released for the Xbox One and PS4.

The full patch notes list HDR support for Windows 10 and the addition of Sir Lora as an unlockable throughout the game. The full set of patch notes can be seen below.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Update Version Patch Notes For PC, Xbox One, And PS4

  • Added an extra language: Traditional Chinese
  • Added HDR support for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and above
  • Sir Lora is now unlockable anywhere in the game instead of only during Act One – he was bravely hiding on the Lady Vengeance.
  • From the gameplay options screen, your party can now be moved with the in-game cursor with a controller
  • Weapons no longer lose durability on a miss
  • Condensed the amount of recipes by grouping ingredient types
  • Optimized texture streaming
  • NPCs in story mode deal less damage at high levels
  • Added more player feedback for double damage status
  • Improved crime behaviour when trespassing
  • Tweaked skills for arena heroes
  • In order to avoid corrupt savegames, the game is prevented from closing during a save
  • Slightly improved performance on dual and quad core systems
  • Reduced Source Vampirism cooldown in the arena to zero turns

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a crash related to arrow traps in Arx’s sewers
  • Fixed a crash related to sending the Possessed Child from the “Silent as the Grave” quest back to the Lady Vengeance
  • Fixed a crash related to complex physics shapes and characters dying right next to them
  • Fixed a performance issue when fighting specific Paladin Elementalists in the Arx region
  • Fixed a blocking issue related to having the Pilgrim set equipped and choosing not to listen to the god king on several occasions (permanently cursed and blessed status)
  • Fixed a blocking issue when Alexander tries to resurrect the player in the Arena of the One
  • Fixed a crash related to using the onslaught skill on specific characters
  • Fixed DirectX errors when playing in controller mode in resolutions that do not have 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Fixed an issue with PetPal not being active after using the Magic Mirror
  • Fixed an issue with the Captain at Arx’s gates not letting the player through after killing the Voidwoken
  • Fixed a blocking issue where Malady didn’t detect there were no Source teachers left on Reaper’s Coast which stopped the player from progressing to the Nameless Isle
  • Fixed an issue with the Paladins attacking Kemm after the execution scene instead of following him inside
  • Fixed an issue with unlocking Source Vampirism if you used a purging wand on your own god
  • Fixed a blocking issue in the final fight in which Dallis had an incorrect status
  • Fixed charmed characters losing their list of waypoints. Using a waypoint will now restore the list
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to start story with specific mods and non-latin file path names
  • Fixed pathfinding issues near cave entrances
  • Fixed enemy characters getting rewarded for kills when Lavafall Mutator is used
  • Fixed Deathfog being on top of the bridge to Bloodmoon Island in certain spots
  • Fixed projectiles coming from the sky not working in certain arenas due to physics
  • Fixed a visual issue when sneaking and using a skill with a ground target
  • Fixed the orientation of the Summon Dragonling effect
  • Fixed an incorrect dialogue in the quest “A Danger to Herself and Others”
  • Fixed the final journal entry for the “Lost and Found” quest
  • Fixed a journal entry for the “Missing Magisters” quest
  • Fixed an inconsistent dialogue when Bellworth survives the fight with the cook in the “Missing Magisters” quest
  • Fixed Sir Lora’s death poses. You can kill him more creatively now.
  • Fixed an issue with Magister Carver getting stuck in a loop when asking for proof of killing the cook
  • Fixed the closing journal entry for the Red Prince’s origin quest
  • Fixed the closing journal entry for the “Hide and Seek” quest
  • Fixed an occasional issue with waking up Rennart during the tutorial
  • Fixed several sound volume issues in specific situations
  • Fixed an issue with Red Prince’s persuasion dialogues when entering the Academy
  • Fixed a problem with the final battle not ending correctly due to teleportation issues
  • Fixed a rare issue in the final battle where the player could move around one character in realtime
  • Fixed a rare issue where Adramalihk would not show up in the final battle
  • Fixed a map marker for Xhaxh once he becomes more powerful
  • Fixed an issue with Lohse still being controllable after being possessed by her inner demon
  • Fixed an issue with two music tracks playing at once in certain locations
  • Fixed a visual loading issue after returning to the main menu from within the game
  • Fixed not being able to talk to Gareth after the end of Act One
  • Fixed not being able to talk to Saheila or Tova after they return to the camp
  • Fixed a rare issue where the player’s undead avatar could not join combat
  • Fixed an issue with Lohse’s demon not talking to the Sallow man correctly
  • Fixed the possibility of quest items not dropping after the trader’s death
  • Fixed a performance issue when talking to NPCs and loading larger dialogues
  • Fixed an issue with the Resurrection skill ignoring line of sight
  • Fixed an issue with undead status players remaining inside the campaign arena’s once combat is over
  • Fixed the visual effects for the Throw Shield skill when used by lizards
  • Fixed several issues with overlapping text in French, Polish and Spanish
  • Fixed an issue with party members not following the active leader through oil surfaces
  • Fixed being able to glitch through locked doors when party members stack up against it
  • Fixed an issue with waypoints becoming unavailable after reaching Arx in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to transition to Act Three when the client player was still in the bedroom with a companion and the host is talking to Malady
  • Fixed a rare issue with the camera not updating correctly if an enemy dies during its own turn
  • Fixed a refresh issue when the story removes items from the player’s inventory
  • Fixed the camera moving by itself during combat if you ended your turn while panning
  • Fixed lobbies not showing anymore if the player cancels joining a lobby
  • Fixed the “Mind” button not working in a specific case during the “Last Stand of the Magisters” quest
  • Fixed not being able to use certain items if a high AP cost item is selected in the world at the same time
  • Fixed the Purge skill running out of charges while wearing the Tyrant’s Helm and unequipping Radeka’s wand
  • Fixed a focus issue with tutorial pop-up messages that could block input on overlaying screens
  • Fixed an equipment and skill assignment issue when reconnecting in character creation screen while using split screen mode
  • Fixed an issue with dead player characters still being able to access restricted screens
  • Fixed a skill list overlap issue when a Lone Wolf character joins the party
  • Fixed an issue with Deathfog being released instantly in the Imp Pocket Realm under certain conditions
  • Fixed not being able to give Garvan tainted stew, even if the player has multiple stews
  • Fixed an issue in Game Master Mode where clients were not able to see pasted text in vignettes

Divinity Original Sin 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One,

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