The Division Beta is likely to take place this month

It appears that The Division beta is scheduled to take place sometime this month. According to the UPlay mobile app, the beta for Ubisoft’s forthcoming massively multiplayer online shooter will begin in January. The publisher has yet to announce an official schedule for the beta, therefore it’s likely that the information on UPlay was accidentally revealed.

The Division

For those not familiar with Ubisoft’s UPlay client, it runs as an app in the background on your PC. When playing Ubisoft games, it usually rewards you for certain tasks and actions, such as nailing a set number of headshots or looting specific gear etc.

One action for The Division called “Team Beta: Active” rewards those who are set to take part in the game’s beta, and it mentions January as the schedule for its availability, as seen below.

the division

Previously, The Division had been made available to the public in the form of a closed alpha test, which took place in December and ran for a couple of days. Due to the strict NDA between Ubisoft and testers, not a whole lot of information came to surface at the time. However, it’s unlikely for the forthcoming beta to have such restrictions.

In order to guarantee a spot in The Division’s upcoming beta, pre-order the game for any of the platforms it’s set to release on, or buy the Tom Clancy Encore Humble Weekly Bundle.

In the comments below, let us know if you’ve managed to secure yourself a spot in the beta.

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