The Division Patch 1.4 Comes Out Tomorrow, Includes Tons Of Changes

Back in September, Ubisoft announced that they are working on a new patch for their third-person shooter game, The Division. The Division patch 1.4 will be the biggest patch players have ever seen for the game, however, they did not reveal the release date for the upcoming patch.

After a month of silence regarding the patch, Ubisoft has finally revealed the release date for the highly anticipated update. The Division Patch 1.4 will be coming out tomorrow, on October 25th. The patch will be making tons of changes , as well as adding some new things as well.


Ubisoft has dedicated a lot of time to this patch, and even delayed their DLC called ‘Survival’, in order to work on this patch. Ubisoft aimed to fix the core game, before releasing any additional content for it.

Patch 1.14 has already been tested by The Division players on the PC. PC players tested the Beta in the public test servers, and have approved of all the changes the patch introduced. Prior to the patch’s release, The Division servers will be going offline for scheduled maintenance for all three platforms that the game is available on. The servers will be going offline at 9:30am – 12:30pm CEST, 8:30am – 11:30am BST, 12:30am – 3:30am PST, 3:30am – 6:30am EST.

Underground DLC available for The Division on Xbox One

For a complete list of all the changes coming to The Division in patch 1.4, click here. Players will be able to download The Division patch 1.4 on October 25th, after the servers go down for scheduled maintenance.

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