The Division PSA: Don’t sell your guns to the vendor

The Division releases today and myself along with thousands of others are super excited to play. On your first outing as a Division agent you should be careful managing your credits and equipment so you don’t get steamrolled by the enemy.

Players will be able to sell guns and equipment to vendors from the start of the game but they shouldn’t as they don’t pay much especially for common low level guns. What you should do instead is dismantle your equipment and guns to get materials and weapon parts. These parts will help you later as crafting is made available. Dismantling your guns and equipment will obviously have you lose the item so keep that in mind.

You can dismantle your loot by pressing the L3 button on PS4 and left analog button on the Xbox One.

Its good to have an ample supply of crafting materials as later on in The Division you’ll be crafting a lot of items. All materials can be upgraded to the next tier at the Crafting table in the ratio of 5:1 i.e 5 Green materials will get you 1 Blue material and so on. Also your backpack can carry only a limited amount of items so keeping all your loot on you is not a viable strategy.

the division guns

Following are the material tiers if you’re not aware of them yet:

Grey (Common), Green (Uncommon), Blue (Rare), Purple (Epic) and Orange (Legendary).

Also check out our PSA on the junk feature.

Are you playing The Division right now? Having fun? Let us know your thoughts on the game below.

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