The Division Underground DLC coming June 28 on PC/Xbox One and August 2 on PS4


The Division Underground DLC shows survival mode in the new trailer. In what appears to be a clear Left4Dead-ish eerie atmospheric feel to the game, survival holds true in the hunter against prey battle. The goal is, you guessed it, to survive. Luckily you have allies who have your back in this treacherous endeavor. Staying true to its core, the gameplay experience in the expansion is largely co-op centric and you must rely on your teammates and co-ordinate with them to have a chance at survival.

To survive, you need to get equipment, gear and supplies. And this is where the game takes a ‘Destiny’ like approach in the sense that you perform raids to acquire supplies. Even the title of the DLC ‘Underground’ promises a variety of environments like clubs, metro stations and others to explore and add to the replay-ability of the game.

Underground DLC releases June 28. Are you excited to explore new areas and acquire new gear sets? Tell us in the comments section.

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