The Division has a The Walking Dead Easter Egg

Ubisoft Massive’s The Division is a huge game full of Easter Eggs with new ones still being discovered several days after the game’s release. A new Easter Egg has popped up today referencing the immensely popular TV show and comic book series – The Walking Dead.

This particular The Division Easter Egg references the first episode of the TV show where Rick (the show’s protagonist) comes across a door in the Hospital with the words “DONT OPEN DEAD INSIDE”. Below is how the scene looked in the show:


Now below is the Easter Egg in the game itself:


Really nice touch matching the fonts but the order of the words is different, maybe due to there being a double door in the TV show? Probably intentional.

Other than this one other notable Easter Eggs present in The Division include ones for Mr. Bean and The Uncharted series.

We’re really having fun with The Division, you can read our review here. What do you think of the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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