The Division’s New Incursion Update Reportedly Deleting Characters For Some Users

Tom Clancy’s The Division has received its first update today that adds Incursions to the game. These incursion are essentially end of the game, high-level raids, that can be done with a team. They are available in two difficulty settings: Hard and Challenged. You can read the full details about this new patch from here.

If you have installed this new update and logged in to find out that your character is deleted, you need to wait for a solution as Ubisoft has confirmed that they are investigating this issue.

This issue is mainly being reported for the Xbox One for now. There are threads over at reddit and the official Ubisoft support forums that have the players complaining about their characters getting deleted after updating to the latest version.


As it stands, Ubisoft is still investigating this issue and despite releasing a new hotfix after this update, they have confirmed that the hotfix won’t fix the deleted characters.

If you are stuck with such a deleted character, you will have to wait until Ubisoft resolves this issue in an update. As it stands, there is no way around this glitch for now.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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