Do Fortnite and Apex Legends affect students’ academic performance?

One of the main reasons why battle royale games such as Fortnite and Apex Legends enjoy such enormous popularity among high school and college students is that these games don’t ask for a tremendous amount of money in order to stay competitive against your peers. While numerous games offer the best chances to those who are willing to pay the most for different items and enhancements that put you in front of less fortunate ones, disregarding your gaming skills and other personal traits that allow you to be good at these types of games.

Although most non-gamers consider spending hours in front of a computer or TV monitor a waste of time, scientific research shows that there’s a close correlation between playing video games and good academic performance. Of course, we can’t expect that our grades would get better without any actual studying on our side but there are many ways in which gaming can help us improve our learning potential.

Improving linguistic skills

Both college and high school students need to pay attention to their command over both first and foreign languages. Games like Fortnite and Apex Legends rely heavily on our ability to communicate with the rest of our team.

The international element of online gaming brings people from different parts of the globe together, allowing them to learn from each other. If you’re struggling with your linguistic skills at college, connecting with foreign gamers can help you improve your writing or communication. This goes especially for students who need to improve their English skills because in most cases you’ll engage in communication using this language. There are channels that allow you to connect with people from a series of other language areas, in case English is not an issue for you.

Improve research abilities

When it comes to writing college assignments, research skills are of paramount importance because the easier we can find proper resources, the more valuable material we have for our assignment. A good researcher has an eye for detail, a nose for unreliable resources, and tons of patience for those long hours of digging for data.

Although spending more hours playing Fortnite or AL than you planned could end up with you deciding to get a research paper written by EduBirdie because the deadline is too close, there are upsides to being a dedicated gamer as well. Hunting for special items, reading through forums, and gaming community posts can be educative and teach you how to pay attention to details, practice patience, and identify authentic resources. All of these skills are essential for a proper academic research process.

The wide choice of weapons, tools, and all sorts of different items you need to learn for optimal usage requires dedicated research and strong research abilities that you can transcend to your academic tasks without a problem.

Improve focus

Battle royale games are specific for their intense dynamics. Your opponents are all around you, but there are also many places for you to get cover or grab just the right weapon for the situation you’re in at that current moment. In school, being easily distracted is a serious issue, so much so that many scientific studies try to identify the source and find the optimal therapy for the inability to focus.

Players that train their concentration through video games could eventually learn to focus on their work disregarding potential distraction. The gamers learn to block out disturbances which is an amazing skill, especially when there’s a lot of material to cover.

Being focused is especially important when writing a literary assignment. Turning in your task without fixing all spelling or grammar mistakes is usually the result of a lack of concentration. If you don’t feel 100 percent focused there are ways to avoid getting in trouble in school. You could search for the best plagiarism checker for students from the UK or some other English-speaking country and have your writing checked before submitting your paper to the teacher.

Enhances student’s natural competitiveness

Humans are competitive by nature, it’s our very urge to do better that drives our progress as a species. Studies show that we are willing to band together with perfect strangers in order to stay in the game for land, resources, and shelter, which is a lot similar to what gamers do when they play Fortnite or Apex Legends.

However, not all of us have the same drive to keep going against all odds and find allies wherever we can just keep on pushing forward. A lot of students lack that instinct to stay on top and keep their spirits up when things look bad. Hardcore gamers know that the game is not over until it says so on the screen, which is why they keep fighting till the last moment.

This instinct against giving up can be acquired in time, which is extremely important for those that need that push from within when it seems as if we can never finish our assignment before the deadline or when we think there’s no way we can fix our grades in a short timeframe.


These were just some of the ways in which video games can improve our ability to do well in school. There are a series of other benefits that come with dedicated gaming, such as improved cognitive skills, enhanced reaction time, and the overall informative value of learning about new places and people.

As the gaming industry evolves, it’s natural that developers should pay attention to how their products influence their consumers and try to add a wide set of values apart from entertainment. However, one should never forget that there’s such thing as too much of the good stuff, so try to organize your time in front of the screen in a manner that won’t interrupt your other obligations.

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