Does Kingdom Hearts III have Critical Mode?

Kingdom Hearts III just came out and people are wondering if Critical Mode exists in the game.

Critical Mode refers to the difficulty setting that’s the hardest in the game. Usually Critical Mode has to be unlocked in Kingdom Hearts games before it can played in.

In Kingdom Hearts games the usual difficulty options are Beginner Mode, followed by Standard Mode and then Proud Mode. Critical Mode is unlocked after clearing the initial conditions, which is usually clearing the previous difficulty tier i.e Proud Mode.

Critical Mode is the most fun I’ve had in not just a Kingdom Hearts game but any Action game ever. I replayed Kingdom Hearts II in Critical Mode just a few months ago and its just plain and simple fun. For those not aware, in Critical Mode your characters have around half the usual health. You also take double the normal damage from enemies, with you dealing a slight bit higher 1.25x damage to your enemies. The game also starts you off with abilities you normally get much further one, which are essential if you want to survive.

Critical Mode turns Kingdom Hearts from a mindless button masher on the easier difficulties to a full blown strategy-action RPG, something that’s unique to any game you’ll play. I can’t praise it enough.

In Kingdom Hearts III Critical Mode does not exist, the developers instead tweaked the other difficulties to help customize every tier of difficulty furthermore. For example, the game gives you the Zero Exp ability from the start if you don’t want to level up Sora. Players can also further customize Party AI and have them not Heal You, which gives another tier of challenge.

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However this is not a 1-to-1 replacement for Critical Mode and hopefully the folks over at the Osaka studio have plans to bring it as DLC in the future, but for now Kingdom Hearts III Critical Mode does not exist.

Check out the video below for a quick speed-run of Kingdom Hearts II in Critical Mode which’ll show you exactly why people hype it up:

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Kingdom Hearts III is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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