DomiNations Has Surpassed 50 Million Downloads, Space Age Expansion Announced

Mobile game DomiNations has surpassed 50 million downloads and will get a new Space Age expansion ahead of the fourth-anniversary celebration.

“Starting on March 19, players can dive into the Space Age update, where they can research new technologies, construct powerful new buildings and take on challenges in events that recognize milestones of humanity’s exciting leap into space such as Sputnik, the Moon Landing, and Apollo 13. Pioneers of the Space Age enter the game including Sally Ride, the first American woman to go into space, and Yuri Gagarin, the first human to travel to space.”

“Over the last four years, DomiNations has quite literally evolved through the ages with tons of new content, new modes, and regular events that give players more opportunities to collaborate with and compete against one another,” said Tim Train, CEO of Big Huge Games. “The introduction of Space Age marks the true beginning of the modern era in DomiNations, giving players access to advanced technologies and weapons to turn their nations into true global superpowers.”

Khurram Imtiaz

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