Don’t Starve Multiplayer Coming Soon

Don’t Starve is a sandbox survival/horror game with unique artwork and is very addicting. The game got very popular, very fast and gained thousands upon thousands of fans since it’s release on the 23rd of April, 2013. The game was first released for the PC and then came to the PlayStation 4 in January, 2014.

Dont Starve Gameplay 1

In the past, Don’t Starve’s Developers, Klei Entertainment, put an end to the rumors which were that the developers are working on the multiplayer for Don’t Starve, to which Klei Entertainment responded by saying that they are not working on a multiplayer and will not be making a multiplayer for the game. Well I guess they changed their mind.

Soon, Don’t Starve will be getting a free expansion pack called Don’t Starve Together and it’s pretty clear by the title itself that this will add multiplayer to the game. But with the expansion pack’s release, the game will cost $20 instead of $15. So far, Klei Entertainment have revealed that the multiplayer will allow you to play with three other friends but that limit might be increased if it proves practical.

Dont Starve Gameplay 2

So far, Klei Entertainment have only announced the expansion pack for the PC and there is no news of the PlayStation 4 version of Don’t Starve Together. Klei is also working on the Alpha of the expansion pack and players will be able to get an early access this summer. Hopefully everything goes well and they release Don’t Starve Together for the PlayStation 4 as well.

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