Doom’s multiplayer is getting much needed improvements

Many hardcore fans acknowledge that Doom’s multiplayer hasn’t fared very well on release, and when players say the game is amazing, they’re usually talking about its single player. For many, the multiplayer lacks taste, and is just barely fun. However, developer id Software claims changes are coming, in an interview with Eurogamer.

Just a month after the game’s release,Doom’s online players weren’t happy, pointing out that the multiplayer lacked various standards and features, such as the availability of private matches with custom settings and game modes, choosing or voting for specific maps, or even playing against bots.


What rubs players the wrong way is that some of these features were actually available for the game’s alpha PC version if it was launched with special commands. Players actually discovered a proper web browser, with custom settings and private matches. SnapMaps, stages made by users, could’ve been incorporated into multiplayer as well. Bots were available too, a feature used by most of id’s games,which allowed players to practice their skills, or even play with a few friends.


None of that actually shipped with Doom on release, but Marty Stratton, the executive producer, says that private matches with custom settings, at least, are coming as a free update this summer. Other features would arrive “later” but weren’t confirmed. They’ll likely release in phases, including bots, as well as SnapMaps.

The new addition of features is much needed, but maybe the multiplayer isn’t meant to be that good. Perhaps if id Software worked on a single player expansion, players would welcome it with open arms.

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