DotA 2 Gameplay Update 6.88f Nerfs Current Meta Heroes

Earlier today, DotA 2 developers, Valve, released an update for their super popular MOBA. The patch notes revealed that the update nerfed most of the heroes that are popular in the current meta.

Popular carry hero, Drow Ranger, is one of the victims of the patch. In the previous patch, Patch 6.88e, Drow Ranger’s base damage was reduced by 4 which made it difficult for some players to last hit creeps in the early game. With the damage reduction, alongside the nerf to the Dragon Lance (which is a very popular item on Drow Ranger), the hero has been nerfed quiet heavily in the previous patches. In patch 6.88f, Drow Ranger’s strength gain was reduced from 1.9 to 1.6. This is not a significant change, however, Drow Ranger already has a low defense and this strength gain reduction lowers her defense even more.

A complete list of all the changes included in the patch is given below in the image:


Mirana is another hero that has been nerfed in both, Patch 6.88e and 6.88f. In patch 6.88e, Mirana’s scepter Starfall cooldown increased from 8 seconds to 9 seconds, and now in patch 6.88f, the cooldown has been increased from 9 seconds to 10 seconds.

Similar to Drow Ranger and Mirana, Offlane hero Batrider is another victim of constant nerfs. In patch 6.88f, Batrider’s Flamebreak got a nerf as well as a buff to it. Flamebreak no longer interrupts channeling spells, like KotL’s Blinding light. However, Flamebreak’s burn duration has been increased from 3/4/5/6 to 4/5/6/7, so basically the total damage received by Flamebreak has been increase.

The Monkey King Comes To DotA 2 This Fall

Valve recently announced the first Major of the new DotA 2 Pro Season. Last year, the first Major of the season took place in Frankfurt, Germany. However, this year the first Major is taking place in Boston. The Boston Major starts next month.

Patch 6.88f is now available for download on Steam. If you have the automatic download option activated in the Steam client, the patch will automatically start downloading the next time you log into Steam.

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