DotA 2: How to kill any hero in one shot by Huskar

This week a new patch known as The Balance of Power was announced by Valve in DotA 2. The patch included unique gameplay styles along with an addition of a new Agility hero known as Arc Warden. With the release of patch 6.86, you can actually kill any hero in DotA 2 in one shot by using Huskar’s ultimate (Life Break). The ultimate deals a percentage of damage (35% without Aghanim’s Scepter) to the enemy hero based on their current HP.

A new item known as Aether Lens is introduced in The Balance of Power. This item provides +250 mana, +8 HP regeneration, +15 magic resistance, +8 bonus spell damage and +200 cast range of spell. This item is pretty useful on heroes like Pudge, Lina, Queen of Pain etc.

To kill any hero in one shot using Huskar is pretty simple. All you’ve to do is to make 3 Aether Lens, one Ethereal Blade, one Aghanim’s Scepter (in case of Huskar, it increases the percentage of damage dealt by 65%) and one Veil of Discord. This sounds really crazy but it is the only way to kill the enemy hero in one shot. In order to successfully kill hero in one shot, the enemy hero must have full HP and a base magic resistance of 25%.

First cast the Veil of Discord on the enemy hero. This will lower the magic resistance of enemy hero by 25%. This means that the enemy hero will almost take full damage from magical spells. Now cast your Ethereal Blade on the enemy hero. This will further lower the magic resistance of that hero by 40%. By doing these two things, the enemy hero will almost take 31% more damage from any magical spells or items.

Now just cast your ultimate within 3 seconds (because the duration of Ethereal Blade will last for 3 seconds) on the enemy hero.

When you’ll cast your ultimate, the enemy hero will instantly fall down. Pretty amazing right? But make sure to lookout for the counter items like Blademail or Eul Scepter of Divinity.

Have you found any other interesting combination in DotA 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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