Dota 2 The International 2016: Teams Participating So Far

The biggest eSports tournament, The International 2016, is only two months away. The event takes place in Seattle, Washington. Last year, at The International 5, we saw the prize pool reach a total of $18,429,613. No other eSports event has even come close to such numbers.

This year is no different, as the prize pool for TI6 has reached $12,000,000+ in just a month. With The International 6 quickly approaching, it’s time to take a look at teams that will be participating at the event. So far, six teams have received direct invites to the event. OG, Team Liquid, Na’Vi, LGD Gaming, Newbee and MvP Phoenix have been invited to the event by Valve.

Last year’s winners, Evil Geniuses did not receive a direct invite to the event. This is the first time in the tournament’s history that the returning champions did not receive a direct invite from Valve. Evil Geniuses’ last minute roster change forced Valve to take this decision. However, this does not mean Evil Geniuses will not be participating in The International 2016. Evil Geniuses will have to qualify for the event through the Open Qualifiers.

Team Secret, winners of the Shanghai Major, also had a roster change which means that they will also be going through the Open Qualifiers to qualify for the International 2016.

Open qualifiers

The Open Qualifier for China are already underway. The Open Qualifiers are scheduled to take place between June 21-24 while the Regional Qualifiers will take place between June 25-28. The top two teams of each qualifier will earn a slot in The International 2016. The third place team will travel to Seattle and fight for the last two slots in the Wildcards. Teams from the four major regions – Europe, America, China and Southeast Asia will play in the Regional Qualifiers.

The International 2016 takes place between August 2-13 in Seattle, Washington. Currently the prize pool for The International 2016 is at $12,414,553 and is expect to beat last year’s prize pool of $18,429,613.

Abdullah Raza


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