DotA 2: How to stack the Radiant’s neutral creep camps

The update 6.86 for DotA 2 (The Balance of Power) is finally here with ton of changes in the map as well as the heroes and items. Most of the players in DotA 2 can’t really get an idea of how to pull or stack the creep camps on the Radiant side.  Basically each camp has its own time of pulling and stacking. If you just know how to stack a creep camp, then pulling a camp is also not a big deal.

Let’s start off with the first creep camp in the Radiant jungle. The creeps spawned in this camp are still the same but due to a slightly varying path, players might want to lookout for enemy that can steal the stacks easily. But don’t worry, an Observer Ward will sort out this problem for normal situations.

First of all, if you want to stack any camp, make sure that your timings are really good. Even a fraction of a second will make all of your stacking efforts useless. Grab a quelling blade or some tangos if you’re just going to stack for the first couple of minutes for your carry or mid. Cut the two green highlighted trees with the help of your quelling blade or tangos as shown in the picture below.

Half of your job is already accomplished by doing this small thing. Next all you’ve to do is to attack the neutral creeps at an exact time. When the clock will hit XX:55 mark (XX are the number of minutes that we’re not concerned with. We’re just concerned with the number of seconds in the game), just attack the creeps in the camp and move your hero towards the path that you made earlier by cutting down those two trees.

If you do this on timing then you’ll surely get your camp stacked. You can repeat this step again and again to stack more for your team.

Note that time of stacking neutral creeps on each camp may vary. Some of the neutral creeps can also be stacked at XX:53 mark.

Now just move your hero towards the second creep camp. When you go towards the second camp, you really don’t need to cut any tree.You can just stack this camp easily by going on 3 alternative directions. The time for stacking this camp is also the same. You just need to pull it at exactly XX:55 mark.

As mentioned before, if you do this thing on exactly the same mark, then your neutral creep camp should be stacked.

Although the procedure for stacking neutral creeps on the third camp is almost the same but the time for stacking is a little bit earlier than first/second camp. First of all you should cut the green highlighted tree as mentioned below in the picture. This will assure that the creeps in this camp will be stacked if you do everything with perfect timing.

Once you cut the tree, just attack the creep on this camp by XX:53 mark and move your hero in the direction in which you cut that tree. By doing so, this camp will be stacked but make sure to put up an Observer Ward on the top of cliff to protect the stacked camp from your enemies.

The fourth camp can easily be stacked just like the second Radiant neutral camp. The only difference is that the time for stacking this camp is XX:53 rather than XX:55. You can move your hero in two alternative directions after attacking the creep in order to stack the camp. Like the same old story, if you do this perfectly, then the creeps in this camp will be stacked.

The last camp in the Radiant jungle is a new camp location introduced in the update 6.86. This camp involves big neutral creeps so it is always a good idea to stack this camp particularly for your carry at the bottom lane. To stack the camp, take down the green highlighted tree to make sure that the camp would be stacked.

After you cut down the tree, just attack any creep in the camp at XX:55 mark. At that moment, just move your hero towards the bottom lane to make sure that the creeps will be stacked at the time. And here it is your Radiant jungle completely stacked.

The last non-Ancient neutral creep camp of Radiant is an additional camp introduced in the patch The Balance of Power. It is located near the Ancient camp of Radiant side. To stack the camp, cut the green highlighted tree to let the creeps avoid any obstacle in their path. This will allow you to stack this camp easily. When the clock hits at XX:55 mark, just attack the creep in that camp and move your hero in the direction mentioned below.

Just make sure that you do this on a perfect timing to stack the creeps on this camp.

Hope you’ve found this guide useful in DotA 2. Have you got any new stacking procedure in the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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