DOTA 2’s Major Update v7.00 Is Live, Full Patch Notes And Changelog Revealed

Valve has released a major new update for their popular MMO game, DOTA 2. This update is considered an important part of the game going forward since it implements many of the key changes that were demanded by the fans.

The importance of this update can be seen through the abundance of traffic on the official DOTA 2 site, which crashed it. Thankfully Valve has managed to fix this issue and the full update notes can now be read from the site here.

Some of the major changes in this new patch are listed below.


Efficiently controlling your hero while gathering information from the game world around you is crucial to ensuring your team has the upper hand in its quest to destroy the enemy Ancient. With the debut of a completely redesigned in-game interface, players gain increased vision of the map and multiple new ways to see details of what’s happening in each game.


The hero control console has been reworked to reduce its on-screen footprint and allow space for the new Hero Talent interface and Backpack slots. Information on other selected units now appears in a left-aligned pop-out to let you maintain hero control as you gather intel.

There are a lot more details related to the specific changes for the individual heroes and maps for the game. They can all be read from here.

Let us know what you think about the changes introduced in the new update in the comments below.

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