Dragon Age III to show up at E3

Dragon Age III was not on EA’s list, but Bioware has confirmed that the game will be present at EA’s conference at E3, a few days from now.

Mark Darrah, the franchise’s executive producer tweeted, “Watch the EA conference tomorrow at 1:00PM PST for something new from DragonAge.”

Of course, Mark did not mention Dragon Age III specifically, but the game had been announced previously, so there is little room for doubt.


Dragon Age III had been announced in September, last year. The franchise has been in the shadows for quite some time ever since the fourth DLC pack for Dragon Age 2 was cancelled. The third installment is said to be set a long while after the second one. The game will be powered by the Frostbite 3.

Bioware has said that it will be wary of fan expectations this time around. After Dragon Age 2, I really think they should be. E3 shall reveal more, and we shall update you with the latest news regarding Dragon Age III then.

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