Dragon Ball FighterZ Leak Details Next DLC Character

With the release of SSGSS Gogeta, the question remained when the other character from Dragon Ball Super: Broly would be released. While there is still no specific date as of yet, enough details have recently leaked that appear to imply one of the most popular characters from Dragon Ball Super will be arriving sooner rather than later.

Based upon a recent leak, details about Broly, his moveset and mechanics have been released:

Broly (Dragonball Super)
The character from the latest Dragon Ball movie enters Dragon Ball FighterZ
A heavyweight class character who can freely perform throws due to his wide reach and who has powerful blows

Special Attacks
Blast Meteor – Instantly releases his energy in the area surrounding him.
Gigantic Meteor – Transforms into a Super Saiyan and from a rushing charge puts all his power into a punch.

In the beginning, he wears his combat uniform up until a certain limit and when his ki has risen he releases it from his mouth and shoots his opponent up into the air. After being hit, he becomes shirtless (which does not change during this period) and he goes into a state where his offensive ability increases.

If the leak is accurate, then more details about Broly should surface in the next few days.

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