Dragon Quest VIII 3DS vs. PS2 Video Comparison

Dragon Quest VIII is set to release on the 3DS this year in Japan. It was originally released on the PS2 and then later ported to Smartphones. Being an open world game, it is interesting to see how the 3DS version of the game holds against the PS2 version, and the results are surprisingly decent.

YouTube user ninten2tv has made this neat comparison video between Dragon Quest VIII on PS2 and 3DS. You can check it out below.

Some of the more visible changes between the two versions include lower quality textures, missing alpha effects and a lower LOD. This result isn’t really surprising considering the hardware of Nintendo 3DS.

Earlier today, we also got out first proper look at the game in the latest Nintendo Direct. You can check Dragon Quest VIII running on the 3DS in the gameplay trailer below.

Dragon Quest VIII is set to release on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on August 27th 2015.. There are no plans for a localization or release in the West.

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