Dragon Quest XI Confirmed For The West On PC And PS4; Switch Version Coming ‘Later’

Square Enix has confirmed the release date for Dragon Quest XI on the PC and PS4. It is now set to release on September 4 for the PC and PS4. The game was initially announced for the Nintendo 3DS and PS4 but the western localization announcement has added PC version as well. If you are curious for the state of the Nintendo Switch version, it will launch at a later date according to Square Enix. There won’t be any localization for the Nintendo 3DS version which is available to play in Japan.

Dragon Quest XI is the first mainline game that has made its way to consoles after the series transitioned to handheld with the Nintendo DS. There has been an MMO game on PC and other consoles but no traditional single player game has released on consoles. The launch of Dragon Quest XI on PC marks it the first time the series is launching on that platform.

Dragon Quest XI was developed by Square Enix. It was directed by Yuji Hori, who has worked on almost every mainline Dragon Quest game released so far. The game was developed on Unreal Engine 4 while the 3DS version was completely custom made with 2 different art styles for the platform.

Dragon Quest XI will be available on September 4 for PC and PS4. The game is also confirmed for the Nintendo Switch but the release is expected ‘much later’ while there is no plan for the Nintendo 3DS version localization.

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