Dragon Quest XI: How To Forge Equipment And Get Powerful Weapons

In Dragon Quest XI, equipment will play an important role especially if your party members have a low level or stats. To get powerful equipment, you can usually buy them from each new town that you visit along your journey but the best way to do so quickly is through forging your own weapons.

How To Unlock Fun-Size Forge In The Game

You will get the ability to use the fun-size forge once you start your journey with Erik and get to the blacksmith who is transformed into a dog by a tricky devil. You will get to fight this tricky devil in order to save the blacksmith and once you do it, a new option is added to the camp menu that lets you use this fun-size forge.

Dragon Quest XI Guide: How To Find And Craft Recipes

How To Forge Equipment And Craft Powerful Weapons And Armors

Recipes will play an important role in crafting new types of equipment for your characters. Depending on how you can bash them, you will get a normal crafted equipment with no additional bonus or a maximum ranked +3 bonus gear that is the most powerful one in its respective category.

The trick to bashing successfully is to start with each corner and keep your eyes on the remaining amount of focus points that you have left. In the start, you will have a small number of points so crafting a big piece of gear won’t be possible without failure, but as you level up, your forging power also increase and you will get more focus points and unlock new type of skills like a different form of bashing that can help you forge a better piece of gear.

Dragon Quest XI: How To Level Up Fast And Farm Experience Points

How To Improve Equipment And Get Perfectionist’s Pearls

Forging new equipment is not that only thing that you can do here. You can also try to improve the equipment that your character is already wearing in the game. You will need a perfectionist pearl which can be acquired by forging a new type of equipment so make sure to do it as much as possible even if you don’t really have the need for it. The materials that are usually needed for forging are all found through the shiny spots found on the world map.

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Dragon Quest XI is available now on the PS4 and PC. It was developed and published by Square Enix.

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