Dragon Quest XI Guide: How To Redeem And Use DLC Items

If you have pre-ordered Dragon Quest XI or bought a collector’s edition for the game that comes with DLC that has to be redeemed, you will be able to use it in the game through this special way.

DLC items in Dragon Quest XI can range from equipable accessories to bonus skill points. They can be incredibly useful in the beginning and while you can also upgrade them by forging, they will outlast their useful by the late game.

How To Redeem DLC Items in Dragon Quest XI

First, you will have to install the DLC. If you have a physical copy and get the DLC as a code, you can redeem them through the PlayStation Store. Once redeemed, download them to be able to access them in the game.

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To redeem the DLC, go into the Misc. menu, system settings and then open ‘Claim Special Reward’ option. It will ask you to confirm if you want to claim a specific DLC reward and you can choose to do so. It can be only used once per a save file and once you have redeemed it, the item will be in your inventory and can’t be sold.

How To Use DLC Items in Dragon Quest XI

Depending on the type of DLC that you have downloaded and redeemed in the game, you can either equip them as an accessory or use them directly. One of the bonus DLC is a seed that grants 3 skill points and it can be used from the inventory. The others are mostly accessories that can be equipped on the character like the Supplicant that grants MP each turn or the Healer that will recover HP each turn. Make sure to forge them to improve their effectiveness. When maxed out, the healer accessory will give your character 10 points per turns.

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