Dragon Quest XI Guide: How To Unlock Mounts And Other Vehicles

Dragon Quest XI offers a wide variety of options for traversal. Inside the dungeons or other open areas, you can sometimes find mounts that will help you reach inaccessible areas with treasure or other secrets. Later in the game, you also unlock different forms of traversal that will let you explore more of the open world.

In the world of Dragon Quest, the first type of traversal option for you as a player is the horse. He is unlocked from the beginning and can be easily summoned by ringing a bell near the campsite or other important locations.

How To Unlock Ship In Dragon Quest XI

This is a story related unlock that will happen once you reach Gondolia. There is a whole story section here that is rather lengthy but once you are done with it, you can unlock the ship that will be used to travel to a new type of locations in the world of Dragon Quest XI.


How To Unlock Mounts In Dragon Quest XI

Mounts are temporarily traversal options that are first accessible starting from the dungeon where you go with Erik to retrieve his treasure. You can unlock a mount for use in the game by first trying to locate a shinning enemy roaming around in the dungeon. Once you have found them, attack to start a battle and then win it to see the enemy standing there reading for you to mount them. They will come with their own abilities e.g flying around, jumping or running fast.

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