Dragon Quest XI Guide: How To Unlock And Use Fast Travel

Dragon Quest XI, like all modern games, features a fast travel function but it won’t be unlocked from the beginning of the game. You get the ability to fast travel after you pass a certain story section.

Fast Travel in Dragon Quest XI is pretty seamless and one of the best ways to go from one location to the next in the beginning if you want to backtrack for quests or other purposes.

How To Unlock Fast Travel In Dragon Quest XI

Once you reach Hotto in Dragon Quest XI, you will have to start a quest that deals with rescuing a potential party member. Once you are done with the quest, you will get to fight Jarvis as seen in the video below. Defeating him will get you back to the Hotto city and you will learn a new Zoom spell from Veronica that lets you fast travel to any location that you have unlocked on the map.

There is apparently no penalty to use this magic. It also works with the evac spell that lets you run away in a dungeon. If you feel like you are stuck in a dungeon, use this spell to get back to the beginning of it. Zoom spell will only work for major locations like a city and or new region and you can’t just randomly travel anywhere on the world map. To access it, simply open the menu with the triangle button and then select the magic option to get all the spells available to you.

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Dragon Quest XI is available now for the PS4 and PC. It was developed and published by Square Enix.

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