Dragon Quest XI Guide: How To Use Skill Points, Recover All Spent Points On A Character

Skill points are important because they let your character master a specific type of weapon in Dragon Quest XI. Thankfully, the game does offer you an option to get back all the spent points for a character if you are not interested in persuading their particular weapon choice.

How To Unlock Skill Points In Dragon Quest XI

You get skill points in Dragon Quest XI each time you level up, however, this is not the only time you can get them in the game. You can also get skill points by fulfilling a certain task like unlocking a set amount of skills for a character. These skill points are separate from the ones that will come with the level up of each character so make sure to keep an eye out for them.

How To Recover All Skill Points Spent On A Character

Later in the game, once you have access to a church, you can simply recover all your skill points from the church menu. This option is called ‘Rectification’ and it will need some gold coins in order to execute. The requirements for the coins depend on how many skills you revert back to their default level. Unfortunately, you cannot remove a single skill and if you want to do this to a character, you have to completely erase a whole category of skills for them.

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