NPD: Dragon Quest XI Launch Month Biggest For Franchise, Dollar Sales 2x Previous Best

Dragon Quest XI is an incredible success for Square Enix with its dollar sales beating the previous best record set by Dragon Quest IX, according to NPD.

Despite launching in a month with heavy competition, Dragon Quest XI set new franchise sales record and sold through more than enough copies to generate almost twice the dollar sales of the previous best, which is Dragon Quest IX on the Nintendo DS. Keep in mind that Dragon Quest IX had a retail cost of $35-$40 which was the standard for Nintendo DS games, compared to the $60 price for Dragon Quest XI.

Despite this, this is a remarkable success for the franchise which has received rave reviews. Square Enix was confident in the game by setting the review embargo almost one week early, and it shows with the praise the game received from critics. Our own review gave it a perfect 10 score, which has only been awarded to three games so far.

Dragon Quest XI launched in early September so the sales cover the whole month. It also did favorably in UK where it charted at number two, just behind Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PS4. The game is also holding up well digitally on the PlayStation Store and has sold through 100k copies on Steam.

Dragon Quest XI is available now for the PC and PS4.

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