Dragon Quest XI: How To Level Up Fast And Farm Experience Points

In Dragon Quest XI, you will have to sometime grind just to level up your characters. One of the reasons why the game starts to feel this way is because of the lack of forced combat encounters. You can run through the world map avoiding almost every combat encounter if you feel like doing so, and this can make you lose valuable experience points. Thankfully, even if you are under-leveled, there are certain sections in the game that offer a worthy amount of experience points for you to level up your character.

I recommend playing the game as you want at the start without worrying about levels. You won’t be able to get much experience points from the beginning story areas so just roaming around is no good. The first proper grind point will come soon after you hit a certain story section make sure to avoid spoilers since this can spoil the location for it.

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The first level up grind point comes once you reach Gallopolis city. This will be after you get through the Hotto region and get your fast travel spell. Once you are outside Gallopolis, you will have to go to the city to perform some story events but before you do so, head to the desert south of the city and roam around there to fight metal slimes. This is the first time you will fight a metal slime and it is possible to encounter 2 or 3 of them in a full hour or so. Depending on your luck, you can also get them in a pair of 2 here as seen in the video below.

Now comes the important part. Metal Slimes will be hard to hit and to get a guaranteed attack on them, you will have to unlock two specific abilities. One of them is available in the Sword skills for the main hero while the other is for Erik with Boomerangs. You will need a good amount of experience points to unlock them so try to get them as soon as possible. These abilities are Metallicker for Eric and Metal Slash for the main hero.

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The second grind point will arrive after you reach Octagonia. Do the main story quest here until you unlock the caverns under Octagonia. Once there, you can fight metal slimes again and while the encounters are rare, there are more metal slimes appearing in each battle. You can get as much as 3 of them here as seen in the video below.

As mentioned above, make sure to have the metal abilities unlocked for both Erik and the main hero in order to kill them before they can run away. Keep in mind a single metal slime can get you as much as 2000 experience points which should be more than enough for a level up if you are under or around level 20.

Dragon Quest XI is available now for the PS4 and PC. It was developed and published by Square Enix. You can read our review of the game from here.

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