Dragon Quest XI Is Reportedly Heading To The West

Dragon Quest XI is the next mainline Dragon Quest game from Square Enix. It is an important project for the franchise because it marks the return of the series to consoles. The last time an offline SP Dragon Quest game was released on a console was with Dragon Quest VIII in 2005.

Square Enix hasn’t shared any official information on the state of the release of the game but according to website gamer.nl, Square Enix is reportedly working on the Western release of Dragon Quest XI. The source of the information is a Dutch PR firm who told the website that they are working on the PR for handling the Western release of the game.

This announcement won’t be as surprising for those who have played the latest Dragon Quest games, all of which have been localized by Square Enix. PS4 has seen 3 of these games starting with Dragon Quest Heroes to Dragon Quest Builders and Dragon Quest Heroes 2, the later of which is an action RPG. Dragon Quest XI being localized was pretty much expected at this point, the only question was about its release date.

Dragon Quest XI will be released this July in Japan for the PS4 and Nintendo 3DS. Square Enix has also announced a Switch version of the game but no information has been shared about it yet.

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