Dragon Quest XI Western Localization Is Possible But Square Enix Has No “Concrete Plan” Yet

Dragon Quest XI was recently announced for the PS4 and Nintendo 3DS. It is a brand new Dragon Quest game and it is also the first offline mainline game in a long time, that is being released on a home console. Since the game was only announced for Japan so far, it is unclear whether Square Enix is bringing it to the West or not.

Recently, the official Dragon Quest twitter account talked about a possible localization stating that they don’t have a concrete plan yet, but since they have localized the earlier Dragon Quest games, we can expect the same for Dragon Quest XI, atleast on the PS4.


Check out the tweets made by the official twitter account below.

Dragon Quest XI was revealed in a press event yesterday. It is the first game in the series that is getting released on a home console and handheld simultaneously. Both versions of the game will have the same story but different gameplay and design. Square Enix are also considering Nintendo’s upcoming console for Dragon Quest X and XI.

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