Dragon’s Crown Pro Confirmed For West, Out In Spring 2018

Dragon’s Crown Pro is an updated version of the original Dragon’s Crown for the PS4. The game was announced for Japan initially but Atlus has confirmed today that it is also heading to the West. The release timing for the game has also been teased in the trailer with a Spring 2018 release window given along with it.

You can find the announcement video for the Western release of Dragon’s Crown below.

Dragon’s Crown Pro is essentially the same game as the PS3 and PS Vita release although it has a soundtrack recorded with live orchestra. The game will also support cross-play with the PS Vita and PS3 version. In addition to this, it will render at 4K resolution although it is not confirmed if the resolution update is only for the PS4 Pro or for the base PS4 as well.

Dragon’s Crown is a side-scrolling beat-em up from Japanese developer Vanillaware. It was known for its remarkably outlandish art style that also stirred some controversy due to the design of the female characters. The game also incorporated some RPG elements into the mix. It was initially released for the PS3 and PS Vita.

Dragon’s Crown Pro is set to launch on January 25th in Japan while there is no word about a potential Western release date aside from the Spring 2018 release window.

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