Dragon’s Teeth DLC To Be Revealed Next Week: Includes Maps, Weapons and More

Next week, DICE will be revealing the upcoming DLC for Battlefield 4 on their Official YouTube channel. The big reveal will take place next week and the DLC pack will be featuring new multiplayer maps and a lot more. This DLC doesn’t just add new maps to your multiplayer experience but is rumored to add brand new weapons and gadgets as well. So upon downloading this DLC pack, players will find new weapons and gadgets in their customization menu.

A Moderator on Symthic who goes by the name of elementofprogress dug up some information about Dragon’s Teeth and he found out that the DLC will launch with an arsenal of weapons and gadgets which are known to be used for urban combat, which falls in line with developer DICE’s description of the DLC: “All-out urban warfare” in “war-torn cities locked down by the Chinese army.”

Players will get two new bots in the DLC pack, similar to the EOD bot. These bots will be armed with a chain gun or grenade launcher and will be able to cause a lot of chaos and mayhem. elementofprogress also found a file labelled, Ballistic Shield which DICE had already told the fans about. The two-handed support weapon will take up the slot of your primary weapon and players will be able to use it with their secondary weapons.

elementofprogress also found files of other weapons so we can expect to see the Bulldog 762 Assault Rifle, SIG MPX PDW, McMillan CS5 Sniper Rifle, Unica 6 Magnum, and the Desert Eagle.

A reddit user called DANNYonPC was able to get his hands on two images which solidify the legitimacy of these rumors. The images are of a Desert Eagle and Ballistic Shield:


Dragon’s Teeth will not only include maps and weapons, it may also raise the rank cap from 120 to 130 with the following new icons:


Dragon’s Teeth is turning out to be quite the DLC pack. It includes Multiplayer Maps, Weapons, Gadgets and a rise in the max rank cap. We look forward to the big reveal for Dragon’s Teeth next week on the Battlefield YouTube channel.

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