Drakengard 3’s official site reveals Five’s story

Square Enix launched the Drakengard 3 official website where they have been featuring the stories of the different Utatai characters of the game in a very short novel form. Previously, the story of the protagonist, Zero, was revealed. Now, the story of Five has been released as well.


The website is in Japanese. Therefore, for the ease of non-Japanese people, here is a translation of the story into English.

Five — My Favorite Things

Five is known for being an eccentric and avaricious lady, which is apparent within the first line of her story—“The world is made up of things I want and things I really want.”

She claims that it is an imitation of her older sister, Two, who claims, “The world is made of things I like and things I really like,” which resulted in her own question, “What is the world to me?”

Unlike her older sister, Five is not as tender of a person, as she does not exactly like everything the world has to offer. There are many things she dislikes, such as food that is not suited to her palate, clothing that isn’t considered beautiful, and people that speak only of boring matters. However, just because Five doesn’t like something, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want it. The only difference for Five is that there are some things she only has a little desire for, while she desires other things to a much greater extent.

Some of the things Five desires are beautiful accessories, clothing and shoes. Golden accessories are always better than silver, and pieces with valuable jewels such as diamonds and emeralds are the best. Finely-laced dresses and handkerchiefs  are also a must!

On one occasion, her sister ‘Four’ lectured her about fine clothing that is very expensive for such a small amount of fabric. “Did you know that the price of these clothes could easily feed a poor family for days? And yet, you still want to dress up, while knowing this?” she asked.

To this, Five replied, “Yes, sister, you are correct. I will let this dress go.” However, Five didn’t reply in agreement with her sister, but rather because another dress with an assortment of ribbons had caught her attention instead.

Another time, just as Five was deciding what kind of clothes she’d wear for the day, a sleepy voice called out, “Five…? You’re already awake?”

It was the voice of Dito, a servant who Five considers to be her favorite and the cutest of them all. He still sounded extremely sleepy, so she told him to go back to sleep.

“But you’re making such a ruckus,” replied the young boy, as he yawned and got out of bed. Five could never get enough of the cute boy with a beautiful doll-like face. Unlike the soldier dolls that her sister, Three, makes, she considers Dito to be a much more proper young boy with skin as white as snow and eyes as bright as stars. Dito is her favorite toy.

“You’re still playing dress-up? This early in the morning? You really are materialistic, aren’t you, Five?” Dito continued. Five finds this quirky part of Dito to be cute and amusing. It’s another reason why he’s her favorite servant of them all.

After being asked what kind of dress he thought she looked better in, Dito wouldn’t give Five an honest reply. “Why don’t you just wear what you’d like?” Dito said.

“Perhaps you don’t like it because it’ll be troublesome to take it off me?” Five teased. “Or maybe you’re trying to say that I’d be better off not wearing anything at all?”

This wasn’t the reason, however. The reason Dito didn’t give an answer was because he is still a servant to the Utatai, and feels that it is not his position to be speaking of such matters.

Five continued to tease Dito anyway, however, as his face was as red as a tomato. After being convinced that he didn’t have to act as reserved, he told her that he liked the shiny blue dress, which Five hadn’t worn, yet. Then, as he scurried off like a kitten, Five continued to admire her cute little servant.

Then, just as Dito brought her the beautiful blue dress in question, Five felt hesitation. She couldn’t decide between that one and two other dresses. “I wish I could split myself into three or four bodies. Then I’d be able to wear all of them!” said Five, to which Dito stared at her with a look on his face that said the world was ending.

“If I had three bodies, I wouldn’t have to worry about choosing dresses and I could also eat three times the amount of delicious foods.” continued Five.

“I think you already eat enough for three people,” Dito retorted, as the two argued over Five’s gluttonous nature. Five admits that she is the type of person who eats a lot, but only because she can’t get used to the sensation of hunger and it also makes her sad. For this reason, she prefers to eat before the feeling of hunger has a chance to strike.

According to Five, she doesn’t crave food that she doesn’t know exists. However, if she does know that it’s somewhere out there, she’d travel to the ends of the world in order to find it. She considers a journey to find delicious food to be a lot more amusing and exciting than hunting down a villain or monster.

The world is full of things she wants, but Five feels that there just isn’t enough time to acquire it all. So many beautiful clothes to try and delicious foods to taste. When Dito asked if she was really that greedy, Five replied, “I think it’s a little different. Perhaps I just want an affirmation of my strength whenever I desire something. The moment I acquire something, the feeling of happiness dissipates almost immediately. It’s as if a feeling of superiority, or that of an almighty, instantly leaves my body.”

“Ahh… just knowing that I have the power to acquire what I want. Perhaps if I didn’t have such powers, I wouldn’t feel the need to desire things. Praying to have something which you can’t acquire on your own… is such a useless and sad thing.”

Five sat besides her little servant and wondered if there was anything she couldn’t acquire. She couldn’t think of anything, but she was certain that there had to be something. As she clutched her chest and and thought about it more, she began to have a feeling that there’s a little something she wants but hasn’t realized it, yet.

What exactly could it be?

It wasn’t a kind of food, a gem or dress. Those are all things she can easily acquire. Could it be a person? She had plenty of servants and maids, including many soldiers who would sacrifice their lives for her. A man? There were plenty of those, as there wasn’t a single man in the world who would refuse an invitation from her, just as long as he wasn’t a proper father.

A father?

Just as Dito snapped Five out of thought, she reminded herself that she was simply lost in her head, and that her father had left the world soon after she had been born. Thinking about such trivial matters was simply just a waste of time. Things that couldn’t be acquired didn’t matter.

“Ahh, I’m so happy! Yes, I am fortunate, indeed. The things I want and the things I really want… anything beyond those doesn’t matter. Right? Am I missing something?”

Drakengard 3 will hit the PlayStation 3 later this year.

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