Dreams Runs At a Dynamic Resolution On PS4 Pro and Can’t Maintain 60 FPS

Dreams is one of the most ambitious titles released for the PS4. It also supports the PS4 Pro but apparently, despite offering a better frame rate, it can’t maintain 60 FPS.

Digital Foundry has shared its technical analysis of Dreams running on both the base PS4 and the PS4 Pro. According to their findings, the game runs at a dynamic resolution and unlocked frame rate on the PS4.

Dreams offers two different performance modes on the PS4 Pro while it doesn’t appear to offer anything on the regular PS4. One runs at a higher resolution while the other runs at a higher frame rate but a dynamic resolution targeting 1080p. Despite targeting 1080p at a dynamic resolution, the game doesn’t manage to run a locked 60 FPS. It does run at this frame rate in some of the main single-player story sequences but doesn’t keep it steady in all of them.

Media Molecule has teased long-term support for Dreams extending to the PS5 as well. It is possible that PS5 is the only way to enjoy their ambitious offering in locked 60 FPS since it is not achievable on the PS4 or PS4 Pro.

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