Driveclub Upcoming Patch includes Private Lobbies and Braking Assist Option

Driveclub is an arcade racing game in which you have to earn rewards by playing with your friends. It includes an incredible and immersive driving experience for the players as well as beautifully designed cars from all around the world. The game is not only about racing and competing against you opponent, but it also includes social capabilities through which you can share your experiences with the game. You can also send or receive a challenge from a friend in the game. Recently, the director of Driveclub, Paul Rustchynsky, has revealed the upcoming updates that will include much demanded private lobbies as well as Braking assist option for the players. The update will be released in the early November.


Private lobbies will include multiplayer events with custom settings while Braking assist option will be helpful to those players who are struggling with the level of challenge. Moreover, this feature will also provide a fully optional and adjustable braking assist system. Furthermore, fame rewards are also coming in the game for drivers and Club Accolades. The game will also include ‘more cool updates’ in the future, as mentioned by Paul.

Driveclub is exclusively available on PS4 and it was developed by Evolution Studios.

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